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Welcome to Display5
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Welcome to Display5
The digital signage solution for everyone.
Welcome to Display5
The digital signage solution for everyone.
About Display5

Display5 is a web browser based Digital Signage Software Application. It is easy to use and offers a versatile and rich tool for creating compelling signage applications and content. Display5 is in use today in hotels, banks restaurants, businesses , Government and more.
Display5 features

Display5 leverages the latest features that HTML5 and current browsers can offer. Players can be very simple devices like RaspberryPI or can be more advanced such as the ChromeBox. Content is managed on-line and through a browser and you can access your shows from anywhere in the world. Add videos, music, images, text, weather, web links and content, RSS Feeds, media slides, news feeds, clocks, bar charts and KPI visuals, and much more using the simple to use toolkit
Display5 documentation

For access to the Display5 documentation avialable , please click on the link provided here: